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Mr. Ddamulira Henry, the founder of Ddamulira & Sons Foundation grew up in a humble family of seven children, one girl and six boys from a rural area in Wakiso district Uganda Africa..
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Kyebando Mambule Gayaza Road P.o.Box 16546 Kampala, Uganda Tel: +256 771 89 68 58 / +256 700 58 95 00 E-mail address: info@dasf.org.ug

Welcome To Ddamulira & Sons Foundation

What We Do


Ddamulira & Sons Foundation works to advance sports and use sports to advance education, life skills, art, leadership, development, human rights, mentorship, talents, behavior change, peace, equality, poverty eradication, diseases and crimes prevention.


Ddamulira & Sons Consult aims to provide free quality consulting services in the areas of sports, education, health, human rights, transport, environment protection, Civil Society organization and Company development, research, entrepreneurship and Business development services to disadvantaged organizations, companies and individuals in Uganda.


Poverty, marginalization, diseases, child abuse, neglect, violence, political instability, ignorance of parents, guardians, governments, and individuals about human rights deny children their right to education.