Diimuball is a ball sport played by two teams of one player aside. Games are played on a
rectangular field of play with goals at each end. It’s a simplified game of soccer soon becoming the greatest sport on earth.
It is a fast, dynamic, exciting sport played by both males and females of different ages and at many different levels in every community of the country regardless of their family background, health conditions, religion and ethnicity.
A match lasts for two equal halves of 20 minutes which may only be reduced or increased if agreed between the referee and the two teams before the start of the
match and is in accordance with competition rules. The objective of the game of is to score more goals than the opposition. A goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line, between the goalposts and under the crossbar, provided that no offence has been committed by the team scoring the goal.

The team scoring the greater number of goals is the winner and takes 5 points. If both teams score no goals or an equal number of goals the match is drawn and each team takes 2points. But when competition rules require a winning team after a drawn match, the only permitted procedures to determine the winning team are:
• Two equal periods of extra time not exceeding 5 minutes each.
• Kicks from the penalty mark.
A combination of the above procedures may be used.
A match is played by two teams, each with one player on the pitch who plays all the roles in a game. However up to a maximum of four substitutes is allowed by each team.The Laws of the game are the same throughout the all country and the world and the same Laws apply in every match in every region, district, town and village.
The integrity of the Laws, and the referees who apply them, must always be protected and respected. All those in authority, especially coaches, have a clear responsibility to respect the match officials and their decisions.
Diimuball Laws
01 The Field of Play
02 The Ball
03 The Players
04 The Players’ Equipment
05 The Referee
06 The Duration of the Match
07 The Start and Restart of Play
08 The Ball In and Out of Play
9 Determining the Outcome of a Match
10 Fouls and Misconduct
11 Kicks
Guidelines on enforcing the laws
Although we’re all out to have some fun playing diimuball, unfortunately there are rules of the game that we need to stick to.
For the first year or two, the referees may be lenient and give you a second chance to correct a technical fault instead of awarding a foul kick to the opposing team. Referees will also explain any decisions that you don’t understand if you ask them politely, although they may ask you to wait until half or full time to allow them to concentrate fully on the game being played.
The laws will be followed more closely as the league progresses and as you all progress as players. The exception to this are rules which affect players’ safety, which will be enforced from the start of the league.
Please ask our referees if you would like any further clarification of the laws.

Why Diimuball?

If you’re looking into different options to get yourself moving, you might be thinking about other sports too but the reason as to why you choose Diimuball over the rest is that we believe diimuball not only offers you a fantastic workout, giving you a great bit of high intensity exercise combining cardio as well as agility, balance and many other skills, but that there’s also a fantastic social element too. Being a team sport, there’s a much greater sense of connection and friendship between
you and your teammates, something that’s hard to find in individual sports. There are not just physical benefits either but playing a sport like diimuball can help
improve your mental health too. It can help you sleep better, and move your body out of fun and enjoyment, rather than anything like punishment. We have found that 81% of people who start playing say that it helped them to feel good about themselves.

Diimuball is a sport that may have been below the radar for a while, but has grown massively in popularity and participation over the past few years. The Diimuball tournament in Katanga Wandegeya Uganda in 2019 boosted engagement with the game and this is set to continue in years to come. It’s an exciting time to be part of the game, and joining diimuball tournaments is a fantastic way to support the sport.