Through innovation we have been able to enhance environmental protection by making fireless cookers through girl child and women empowerment project which are effective in environmental protection. We will continue to conduct research to find solutions for environmental related issues in communities for sustainable development. We have been able to use our limited resources to support use of green technology like solar and tree planting in schools and communities.

A fireless cooker is basically an arrangement of insulating materials that makes it possible to complete the process of cooking food that has already been boiled for a suitable period of time, by conventional means in a closed pan.

For convenience, the fireless cooker is made to be portable, adding to the cost, but giving more satisfaction to the user. The fireless cooker will also function as a food flask, if the food put in it is ready, because it keeps it hot for a long period of time.

Since it’s fireless, it is safe around children in addition it’s environmentally friendly since it saves on fuel costs as well as being free from fumes.

The food is first prepared in a normal way after boiling it in a closed pan for a suitable period. Depending on the type of food, the pan is lifted while still boiling and without removing the cover the pan is placed in the fireless cooker. For example rice is boiled for three minutes and then kept in the fireless cooker for at least 25 minutes. Irish potatoes are boiled for five minutes and then kept in the fireless cooker for at least an hour. Whereas meat is boiled for at least 10 minutes and then kept in a fireless cooker for 3-4 hours.

The cooker prevents heat from being lost from the pan. The cooking is completed using the fluids that are already in the food. The process is slower than using open fire, but the food retains the fluids and is therefore tastier.

Usually a fireless cooker is made out of sponge as the insulating material. This is cut up in suitable shapes and sizes and is sawn up in cotton cloth in form of a bag that acts as an insulating jacket around the pan that will be placed in the fireless cooker.

We are presenting a modification, using material from used sacks that are available in shops around. This recycles the sacks. These modified fireless cookers are therefore easier and cheaper to produce.