Mr.Ddamulira Henry ,the founder of Ddamulira & Sons Foundation grew up in a humble family of seven children, one girl and six boys from a remote area in Katadde Buwambo Wakiso district. Life was difficult for him at a young age because his parents were absolutely poor beyond peasants.
However, him being a poor child, it did not stop him from helping other members of the community. At a young age he used to help disadvantaged and vulnerable elders at his village by fetching water for them and helping them to dig and weed their plantations for free.
Education was also difficult for him but because of luck, good moral characters and soccer talent, he was helped by someone to attend school for free.
After his education, he became a successful business man and because he was also helped by some to be successful in his life, he realized that he can also create a big positive impact in poor communities so, he started to move to remote areas helping the needy especially disadvantaged and vulnerable children where he built a primary school (St Henry`s Foundation school) in Wakiso district which has helped many children to acquire free education and also opened up a soccer academy (Ssuubi soccer academy) where young children are taught how to play soccer and also enjoy their right to play.
Later earlier alone in 2017 his friends joined him and registered the foundation legally (Reg number- INDR13547361NB) under the ministry of internal affairs where they could mobilize funds and other resources to help more disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the community.
He calls upon all people across the globe to join him through his foundation to transform lives of the disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable people in communities.