Mr. Ddamulira Henry, the founder of Ddamulira & Sons Foundation grew up in a humble family of seven children, one girl and six boys from a rural area in Wakiso district Uganda Africa. Life was difficult for him at a young age because his parents were poor. Ddamulira Henry was humble, intelligent, hardworking and talented child. He was supported and sponsored to attend school for free because of his good morals, intelligence and Sports talent. After his education, he became a successful entrepreneur, business man, a sports scientist and philanthropist.

Being supported, sponsored and empowered to be successful in life, he realized that he can also transform lives of other many disadvantaged children, youth, women and men around.

He founded Ddamulira & Sons Foundation, established St Henry`s Foundation school, Ssuubi institute, Ssuubi Soccer Academy,Ddamulira & Sons Sports Consult, St.Henry’s Health Centre, Ssuubi Sports Museum and Library,Ssuubi  Sports  players and fans savings and  credit Group and other related initiatives to empower and help disadvantaged and  vulnerable children,youth,women and men to live dignified life.

The foundation works to contribute United Nations Mission, Global and national development initiatives. The Foundation collaborates and partners with governments, foundations, trusts, Private companies, Civil Society Organizations, groups, families, societies, communities, and individuals with similar objectives around the world.

Ddamulira Henry calls upon all generous people across the globe to join him at Ddamulira & Sons foundation to transform lives of the disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable population in Uganda Africa. May the lord bless the world, give it hope and dignified life all in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.