“Transforming lives through sports in schools”

 This program is mainly ran in 1st class schools and it is used as a way of getting funds to sustain DASF sports projects in poor schools and communities. Ssuubi Sports Empire project is anon-profit making project designed under Sports for Development Program to promote sports, education, health and give opportunity to all children and Youth obtain life skills, enjoy their right to play, develop their talents ,promote sports, bring fan and use sports and other related activities to support, empower and promote human rights, nutrition and health life style, mentor ship, life skills, education, ethical behaviors, fight against poverty, diseases and influence social, economic and cultural development of schools alongside other related sports projects. We work in collaboration and partnership with schools, other organisations and all sports federations.


A society where all children and young people enjoy their right to play and  have an opportunity to develop their talents, network and influence social, economic and cultural development of their communities.


To support and empower children and young people to enjoy their right to play, promote sports and strengthen development of schools and communities through sports.


Teamwork, Respect, safety, joy, integrity and discipline


  • To strengthen children and young people’s sports talents and sponsor underprivileged and talented ones to obtain quality education, sports services and equipments.
  • To enhance mobilization of sports resources and strengthen sports in schools and communities.
  • To enhance the right to play and strengthen health wellbeing of children and youth for leading healthier and more fulfilling lives.
  • To strengthen and support children and youth to build their sports skills, participate in international sports programs and initiatives.
  • To enhance sports tourism, human rights, education, development, health and poverty eradication initiatives through sports.
  • To strengthen sports research, publication, documentation and distribution of sports information and best practices in sports sector
  • To strengthen girl child participation in sports and promote gender equality and girl child empowerment through sports
  • To enhance school enrollments, academic performance, hope, joy, happiness, discipline and prevent crimes in schools and communities through sports initiatives.
  • Organize special tournaments in schools and communities to get children with sports talent and support them to develop their talents and sponsoring them to obtain quality education
  • To strengthen involvement of global interns, development partners, collaborators, volunteers and individuals in supporting and empowering children and youth through sports.
  • To strengthen sports and create more job opportunities in sports sector for unemployed youth.
  • Strengthen use of sports to help children and youth develop important life skills, get plenty of exercise and experience, discipline, sportsmanship as well as time and emotional management and team work.
  • To eliminate and control stress and idleness among children and youth through engaging them in sports for fan, health, education and sports career development in schools and communities.
  • To enhance promotion of our partner schools who embrace our sports for development mission.


Currently we have two coaching and training programs in schools;Holiday program which starts three days after end of any school term and a weekend program which is conducted in sessions during the week while children are at school. Holiday program for this holiday will commence in December this year three days after the end of this term.


The project is popular in the areas of using sports as a tool for development, empowerment and transformation in schools. The project is also popular in the areas of providing quality sports mentoring, coaching and other related training activities, promoting sports, high academic performance ,Physical education, nutrition for sports persons, the right to play and provision of better sports services and equipment in schools.


Ssuubi Sports Empire project is a Center of various sports activities for schools. It provides schools with quality sports services and products using holistic approach and non-profit model. We use sports as a tool for development in the areas of football and games like Netball, Volleyball, Swimming, Tennis (table and court), Badminton, chess, free style football, Diimu-football and Basketball, physical education, music, fitness management and many more.


Ssuubi Sports Empire is absolutely anon-profit project managed by Ddamulira & Sons Foundation under sports for development program. The funds raised under this project are used to support and empower children with talents in our partner schools and communities, and support orphans, needy and vulnerable with education and other basic needs.


United, educated, Healthy, stress free, busy, developed, peaceful and crime free institutions and communities where sports is at the Center of education, health, human rights, peace, crime prevention, and development of children and youth.