ST Henry’s Foundation School is a private non-profit making school founded in 2018 by Ddamulira & Sons Foundation. The school was established by the foundation to support and empower orphans, Neglected and abandoned children and other disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalized children to get access to quality education and other basic needs under Teach for Uganda Program run by Ddamulira & Sons Foundation.

St Henry’s Foundation School has a dedicated team of Governors working alongside and supporting the teaching staff. The Governing Board of the school is responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers good quality education and that children are safeguarded.

Working with the Head Teacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management of the School, the Governing Board determines the School’s aims and policies.

The Governing Board is responsible for holding the Head Teacher to account for pupil attainment and progress, performance management, financial performance and the Board have a number of duties which include the appointing and dismissal of staff, ensuring pupil and staff are safe, hearing appeals and setting standards.


To be a leading academic institution that enrolls, supports and empowers all vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized children to get access to quality education and other basic needs to realize their potential as successful life longer learners and contribute to social, political and economic development of their country and beyond.


Providing opportunity to all vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized children to enjoy their right to quality education and other related rights by creating a happy,secure and stimulating learning environment in which they all gain confidence, moral uprightness, responsibility, significant skills and knowledge to succeed in development and in their future careers.


We Strive For Quality.



Excellence and innovation


Gender and cultural sensitivity

Respect, Discipline and tolerance


To improve and provide quality education to all children most especially girls, orphans, vulnerable and disadvantaged children and all those interested in our quality education services.

To support, empower and provide an opportunity for all children to develop and gain early experiences for exploitation of their talents and development of their future careers.

To improve and provide child development, health and nutrition services to all children for health life and great academic performance.

To partner with parents and guardians, communities, Non-governmental organizations, governments, companies, individuals and other related organizations to ensure all children have excellent behaviors, patriotism, gain useful knowledge, life skills and other related skills for their career development and success.

To support and empower poor parents and guardians to gain income generating skills and knowledge and extend education services to illiterate parents and guardians to develop their capacities to afford basic needs for their children and families.

To equip young persons with self-reliance skills and provide curriculum that is rich, relevant and allow all pupils to succeed.

To create high standards of learning experiences for all aspects of learning experiences for all children by providing access to all  areas of national curriculum.

To develop responsible and engaged learners who will excel in different professions.

To develop learning activities that stimulates positive models of inquiry, reflection, challenge and innovation that will easily interact and associate with one another.