Uganda is a landlocked country with the population of over 44 million according to United Nations report.

Uganda has the highest youngest population with over 78 percent below the age of 18 and 52 percent below 15 years; it continues to grow at the rate of 3.2 annually. However these young people have been challenged by poverty and unemployment.

There is increasing poverty and UN employment among young people and over 83 percent of youth are UN employed and others  challenged by poverty most especially school dropouts and unemployed young people in urban and semi urban areas. DASF sustainable skill and empower these young people to enhance their livelihood and development. Many young people are willing to gain economic skills and engage in income generating skills for job creation and poverty eradication.

The aim of this project is to provide sustainable economic empowerment and practical skills to the youth out of school and unemployed young people through our youth empowerment and Skills Center. This is to create sustainable livelihoods of young people, encourage them to participate and engage in productive ventures, and train them to foster economic and social development of their communities. There is a need to sustainable skill and empower these young people to enhance their livelihood and development creative a positive change in their lives.

The project promotes skills development and entrepreneurship among young people through direct training and economic empowerment of youth groups and individuals. The project also promotes the use local available skills, resources and technologies to instill a new culture of entrepreneurship among young people through practical and economic empowerment.