Agriculture sector employs over 80% of the population in Uganda. Sixty eight percent of the homesteads are not in the money economy. Many families still belong to the pre-capitalist mode of production. People do not produce for money but for eating and social obligations.  The majority of the people in Uganda  live in rural areas and  some have  land  however these farmers have inadequate modern agriculture knowledge, financial support, resources like modern agriculture tools and majority lack marketing knowledge and skills to gain more when selling their products and services this has led to food insecurity, hunger, malnutrition and extreme poverty. Most of the farms are managed by illiterate women, widows and child-headed families under subsistence farming. These families encounter difficulties in finding enough food especially during the dry seasons. Famine and poverty are very devastating and continue to take lives in hundreds in Uganda.

We are working to provide animals and seeds to poor farmers, financial support, enhance farmers farming and marketing skills and knowledge to strengthen their marketing and farming practices. Our aim is sustainably to reduce poverty and end hunger and malnutrition through enhancing agriculture and agribusiness in poor communities. We promote urban farming and agribusiness to eliminate hunger, malnutrition and poverty in slum areas in Uganda. DASF takes actions to foster climate resilient and sustainable food security, promote health diets and nutrition for all, build inclusive and  efficient markets, farm trade systems and food industry, enhancing  agriculture, urban and rural economies and strengthening agribusiness in communities.

The farmers in Uganda have many challenges like inadequate linkage between researchers and farmers, low use of fertilizers, low coverage of irrigation, land fragmentation, low level of value addition, high cost of finance, inadequate of agricultural machinery, vectors and diseases, and poor transport network. We are  committed  to  promote  irrigation and  new technologies for sustainable  development  of  agriculture  and Agri- business in poor  communities in Uganda. We encourage  farmers  to  work together  to do commercial farming and market  their farm produce  and  services Please help us realize this dream and change the living conditions of poor farmers in  Uganda. Improved agriculture reduces poverty and improves livelihoods through innovative solutions that address food & nutrition security, sustainable markets, climate smart agriculture, and equality of opportunity for women and youth in employment and business. It offers essential commodities, employment, and environmental services that facilitate economic and social development.  Our goal is to reduce poverty, increase sustainable agriculture and create opportunities for millions of youth, women and men in Uganda.

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