Child rights and protection

The project aims to enhance child rights and protection in schools and communities. We work to create awareness on on children’s rights, make child rights information accessible to schools and communities by organizing conferences, seminars and other related events on child rights issues and by providing child rights education. We also promote legal reform and research on child rights issues.  Some of the most severe of children’s rights violations include sexual exploitation and abuse, trafficking, physical and humiliating punishment, harmful traditional practices including early marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting and recruitment into armed forces and groups. We take actions to ensure survival and development, and their right to be heard in decisions affecting their lives in a manner consistent with their evolving capacities. Children constitute more than half of the population of Uganda.

To ensure that these children live, survive and develop to their full potential. Uganda has enacted   laws and ratified many regional and international human rights instruments to protect and promote the rights and welfare of children. Despite these legal and policy commitments, the plights of children in Uganda remain dire. There is Lack of effective implementation of legal and policy frameworks have been identified as one of the major reasons for the deplorable state of children in Uganda. One main contributing factor to the ineffective implementation of legal and policy frameworks dealing with children’s rights and well being is a lack of appropriate knowledge and awareness among relevant policy makers and implementer in Uganda. Some of the initiatives in this direction are awareness sessions in the community, establishment of Child Social Protection Committees and Child Rights Club in Schools.  we work  to ensure all children and young people across the country  are able to realize their rights and work with children’s rights practitioners, development workers, social workers, youth workers, legal professionals, law enforcement and policy makers  to enhance  promotion and protection of children’s  rights.  We are enhancing promotion and protection child  rights  enshrined  in United Nations Convention on the  rights of  the   child and  other related conventions and laws to  effectively  transform lives  of  children in Uganda.

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