Child support & sponsorship

Poverty, marginalization, diseases, child abuse, neglect, violence, political instability, ignorance of parents, guardians, governments, and individuals about human rights deny children their right to education. We sponsor disadvantaged, orphans and other vulnerable children to access quality education. We advocate for children’s right to education and promote child rights based approach to education.

We also support, skill and empower vulnerable, displaced, marginalized and disadvantaged families to enable them to generate income for meeting their basic needs through child sponsorship and family empowerment initiative. We do not allow families to depend on others so long but enable them to find unique ways of generating income themselves to meet their family needs.

Kindly support our initiative today by sponsoring a child and supporting family empowerment initiative. No donation or grant is too small, every donation or grant makes a difference. The following children and families need assistance and empowerment to live dignified life. This initiative enhances the attainment of United Nations sustainable development goals and other related goals. Please email us at or call +256771896858 for more information if you are interested in supporting and advancing this unique initiative. We will respond as soon as possible.


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