These days the demands of the game has increased so exponentially that being bigger, more powerful and explosive is more critical than ever.


  1. Run for days

Get yourself on a treadmill or find any open space fit for running. hitting maximum sprinting at high tempo before jogging and then going all out once more, allowing them to build the stamina and flourish deep into added time.



  1. Maximize sprint speed

Maximizing your own potential to run fast for shorter bursts will stand you head and shoulders above the rest, so try using weighted sled pulls and parachute sprints, which will help push your legs well beyond their means.


  1. become more explosive

Training for this is not for the fainthearted and involves maximum effort and excellent technique, however with this comes great reward, turning you into a deadly number 10 with a frightening turn of speed.


  1. Develop core stability

If you put is point into use, you will Evade defenders through incredible balance and speed as they all bounce off his diminutive frame, the pintsized playmaker is on another level to the rest of his rivals.

  1. Make yourself stronger

I sports scientists have   awoken the football world to the positive effects of disciplines  and general resistance training.

Ensure you: Spend at least 10 minutes after a training session stretching or foam rolling your lower body.

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