Ddamulira and sons foundation (DASF) partners with Civil Society organizations, individual donors, governments and general private sector to support and empower all people in the community to meet their needs, develop and enjoy all their rights. We need more partners to expand our programs and projects to transform lives of the poor and vulnerable communities. Please partner with us by supporting us to achieve our mission. You can fund or simply fundraise  for us and also share about our work. You can also work with DASF in unique and innovative way to enhance its mission.


We accept and recruit volunteers any time of the year in any community across the globe to help us achieve our objectives. We work with passionate volunteers to promote education, health, sports, human rights and eradication of poverty in communities. Our volunteers help in program implementation, administration and fundraising. Volunteers also gain new life and practical skills, enhance their charitable skills for career development. Our organization sends volunteers to transform communities. Most of these volunteering positions are meant for people who can travel and work in Uganda for a minimum of one month up to several months any time of the year. Some of the positions can be undertaken from home anywhere in any community across the globe. We have various activities for engagement ranging from administration, community outreach, research, advocacy, training, fellowships, and recreational activities and having fan while helping us to achieve our objectives.

Upon successful completion of volunteering program, volunteers are given certificates and other related relevant documents. We are always looking for the talented and passionate people with various skills and resources to volunteer with us, Please apply today for a volunteering position. We work with our members, partners, volunteers and other stakeholders to bring a positive change in the lives of the marginalized, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Uganda.


Ddamulira and Sons Foundation (DASF) works with interns of various career backgrounds across the globe and help them to develop their careers in different professional fields as they support the foundation to positively transform communities in Uganda.

Most of these internships are meant for people who can travel and work in Uganda for a minimum of one month up to several months any time of the year. Some of the positions can be undertaken from home anywhere across the globe.  All positions are non-paid internships.

Are you interested in experiencing hands on cross-cultural and charitable work in Uganda? Do you love working with communities in Uganda? Are you looking to build your career and resume? Consider an internship with DASF. We can help organize an internship program to suit your individual needs and skill sets.


Poverty and other related situation hinder children from starting and completing their education, please partner with us through sponsoring one or more needy and vulnerable children. For $30 per month you can sponsor one or more of our vulnerable and disadvantaged children for providing a safe and clean environment, balanced diet, education, clothing, health care and playing kits. Your donation can make a difference. Please sponsor a child or children.Thank you for your compassion.


Ddamulira and Sons Foundations(DASF) has several categories of memberships and membership is obtained upon application and payments of membership fees determined by the Board of Directors. The membership is open to all people, Non-governmental Organizations, Community based Organizations, research and academic institutions, Faith based Organizations, social and economic movements, Community groups and initiatives, Private companies, Professional Associations and other related organizations and initiatives.

All our members enjoy various benefits that gives them opportunity to share information and make a difference in the community, career development by strengthening resumes, skills and work experience, obtain membership certificate and special training, speaking out on behalf of others, access to capacity building initiatives and organization development support, opportunity to network with other organizations and individuals, opportunity to participate in lobbying and advocacy campaigns and activities with DASF team, Access to information and resources, Professional assistance on technical inquires about several initiatives and programs, Information exchange and co-ordination, Building on shared knowledge to bring a difference in the community, gives opportunity to help yourself and others, opportunity improve your community, opportunity to meet new friends, leads to personal growth, contribute in influencing the policy dialogue with the stakeholders, opportunity to collectively address your concerns and network with other organizations and individuals to enhance your image among others.