With soccer academies on pause and holiday camps  cancelled due to COVID-19’s spread, the young generation being natured through Ssuubi Soccer Academy(SSA) find themselves at home having to get creative to stay in shape.  But without usual access to training facilities, how exactly does one do that?

To answer that very question, we caught up with mr.Ddamulira Henry , founder of Ssuubi Soccer Academy(SSA) .for some  home workouts: training tips

  1. ​Set goals for your self-isolation time – Think about what you would like to achieve over the next few weeks at home. Make a workout plan to achieve these goals.
  2. Schedule your training – It’s easy to be lazy at home, so set an “appointment” to do your home training and reschedule it immediately if it does not happen.
  3. Challenge yourself – It’s sometimes hard to push yourself during the workout without other people around you or a trainer. Ideas to combat this are to purchase an online training program, contact your friends about different training techniques, or search the internet for new workouts and exercises.
  4. Stay motivated – If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to train, find out what gives you some energy. Maybe you need to eat something before training, listen to music, get a friend to text you encouragement or get into your active wear.

While space and equipment might be limited during this hard time, there’s plenty you can do at home to stay in soccer shape. Lets keep in shape…


mr.Ddamulira Henry

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