Objectives & Goals


  1. To improve and promote access to quality education for all young people.
  2. To promote access to quality health care services for all people.
  3. To support, empower and advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights.
  4. To support and empower the poor and disadvantaged people with income generating activities.
  5. To support and empower all young talented people to develop and exploit their talents through promoting sports.
  6. To give hope to the hopeless.
  7. To carry out any other lawful objective consistent, conducive and incidental hereto on matter aforesaid in any part of the world for God and our country Uganda.

Our long term goals

To become the leading Non-Governmental Non-Profit making Organization best for;

  • Successfully broadening equitable access to social-economic resources among disadvantaged and advantaged communities’ welfare.
  • Promoting and protecting the rights of valunable marginalized and the disadvantaged people in our communities.
  • Developing local communities despite scarcity of resources to do the same.
  • Building suitable partnerships with members and other stake holders to broaden our vision.
  • Bringing hope to the hopeless.
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