Ddamulira & Sons Foundation work(DASF) to support poor, orphans and other vulnerable  children to access quality education through child sponsorship and school building .We also take actions to advocate and promote the right to education and support children to  get other basic needs , life skills and  empowerment for  self-reliance. The program focuses on eliminating and reducing all issues that hinder children from accessing quality education and other related basic needs. Education is a human right according  to  article 28 of United Nations Convention on the rights of children and helps to reduce ignorance, diseases, human rights violations and poverty in poor communities by empowering children who later come back to help their communities and families to get  out of poverty and other related issues.


We work to prevent and reduce the burden of diseases in our communities and promote nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and access to safe water. The program focuses on eliminating and reducing all issues that hinder people from accessing quality health care services and nutritious food. Ddamulira & Sons Foundation(DASF) also takes actions to promote the right to health and support   people with health issues to obtain proper treatment, counseling, rehabilitation and care.


Sports for Development Program promotes sports and give opportunity to all children and Youth in schools and communities to access quality sports training services, playing kits and sports facilities, obtain life skills, enjoy their right to play and develop their talents. We use sports and other related activities as a tool to support, empower and promote human rights, nutrition and health life style, mentor ship, life skills, education, ethical behaviors, fight against poverty, diseases and influence social, economic and cultural development of schools and  communities. We reach out to girls to promote gender equality and women empowerment through sports. We promote gender equality in sports, educate girls on their right to play any sport and also show them that they are equally capable of playing such sport. We encourage girls to participate in sports that have traditionally been played by boys. We focus on enhancing job and wealth creation in sports sector, eliminating and reducing all issues that hinder children and youth from developing and exploiting their talents.


Ddamulira & Sons Foundation(DASF) take actions to advocate promote and protect human rights in schools and communities to transform lives. We also focus on human rights research, education, elimination and reduction of all issues that hinder people and their communities from enjoying their rights and living dignified lives.


This program aims at eradicating poverty, unemployment and promotes well being of people by supporting and empowering communities to start income generating activities create jobs and wealth. We focus on promoting agriculture, business development, life Skills, research, property and labor rights and entrepreneurship for students, women, children, youth and needy people in schools and communities. We also work with poor women and youth farmers and traders in rural and urban areas to transform their lives.


Ddamulira and Son Foundation works to enhance environmental protection and preservation of the environment through reducing pollutants and any other actions that leads to environmental degradation.

By promoting and enhancing environmental conservation we aim to keep the environment safe and healthy by enhancing proper use of natural resources and strengthening preservation for sustainable development. We educate all people to avoid destroying and harming the eco system through creating awareness on environmental protection and climate change. We conduct research and advocate for the protection and preservation of environment for sustainable development through creating awareness on climate change and environmental issues.

There is increase on global population most especially in developing countries in Africa like
Uganda increasing demand for planet’s resources hence global climate change, driven by advancement of technology, deforestation and other related issues. We know a changing climate will hurt the poor most, undermining the livelihoods of millions of people struggling to break free from poverty in Uganda. We enhance the proper making and implementation of  environmental protection policies and help people to  manage natural resources responsibly, reduce deforestation and promote  tree planting so that forests continue to provide clean water and air, shade,  improve agricultural productivity, slow the rate of climate change, counter desertification and support economic growth, Protection of  biodiversity and Mitigating effects of climatic change.

We are helping people to improve their incomes through sustainable natural resource management and conservation activities. We work with government, collaborators, partners and communities to evaluate and recommend policy reforms for sustainable development. DASF promotes  use of  re-afforestation, green technologies, use of less chemicals in factories and  support  the growing of  fruit  trees to enhance food security, poverty eradication and  protection of  the  environment. We are working to reduce and eliminate all issues that threaten environments and its inhabitants for sustainable development.

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