Ddamulira & Sons Foundation (DASF) was founded by Mr. Ddamulira Henry an Entrepreneur, sports scientist, Diimuball Inventor and philanthropist to advance sports, Art, Education, skills development, health, well-being, human rights, peace, justice, equality, poverty eradication, transport, communications, science, technology, environmental protection and sustainable development. He grew up in humble family and Life was difficult for him as a child. He was humble, intelligent, hardworking and talented child. He was sponsored to complete his studies because of his good morals, intelligence and Sports talent.

After graduation, he became a successful entrepreneur, a sports scientist, inventor and philanthropist. DASF has been able to establish St. Henry’s Foundation School, Ssuubi Sports Academy, DASF Sports Library and Museum, DASF consult, DASF Mentoring, skills development and Empowerment Centre, DASF Savings and Credit Group. DASF is committed to collaborate and partner with Governments, Foundations, Trusts, Private companies, Charity Organizations and Individuals worldwide to improve people’s lives and strengthen sustainable development. DASF works to contribute United Nations Mission, international and national development programs and initiatives