Sports for Development, Education, Health and Human Rights  

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation works to advance sports and use it as a tool to advance education, skills, human rights, mentorship, talents, behavior change, peace, gender equality, poverty eradication, diseases and crimes prevention.

Education and Training

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation (DASF) works to support disadvantaged and vulnerable people to access quality education and training. DASF works to advance formal, non-formal and informal education and training in disadvantaged and vulnerable families and communities. DASF sponsors, supports and empower children and young people to succeed in both Academics and Real world. We do not allow families to depend on others so long but enable them to find unique ways of generating income themselves to meet education and training needs of their children.


Health and Wellbeing

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation works to advance health and wellbeing of the population through promoting public health and wellbeing, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and access to safe water. DASF works to prevent diseases and enhance access quality health information and treatment.

Peace, Equality and Human Rights

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation works to advance peace, gender equality and human rights in schools and communities through awareness creation, research, advocacy, support and empowerment.

Development and Empowerment

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation works to eradicate poverty and unemployment, advance property and labour rights and well-being of the disadvantaged and vulnerable population through advocacy, research, support and empowerment.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Ddamulira and Sons Foundation works to enhance environmental protection, proper use of natural resources, best agriculture practices, forestation and preservation of the environment through reducing pollutants, deforestation and other actions that lead to environmental degradation and food insecurity. We educate people to avoid destroying and harming the eco system through creating awareness on environmental protection and climate change issues. We know a changing climate will hurt the poor most, undermining the livelihoods of millions of people struggling to break free from poverty in Uganda. We work to reduce and eliminate all issues that threaten environment and its inhabitants for sustainable development.