Empowering Lives, Transforming Communities: Ddamulira & Sons Foundation’s Holistic Approach to Sports, Education, Health, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development

Our Programs

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation (DASF) works to advance access to quality education and sports. We use education and sports as a tool to create a positive change in schools and communities. We mentor, skill, empower and support vulnerable children, youth, young women and other vulnerable population realize their full potential. We focus on formal, informal and nonformal Education and sports initiatives. We work to advance skills development, Entrepreneurship and Financial literacy to eradicate poverty and unemployment.

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation (DASF) works to advance health and wellbeing of the population through promoting public health and wellbeing, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and access to safe water. DASF works to prevent diseases and enhance access quality health information and treatment.

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation (DASF) works to advance rights, peace, values, equality and justice through sports, education, research, advocacy, support and empowerment.

Ddamulira and Sons Foundation (DASF) works to create a positive change in schools and communities through advancing Communications, housing, transport, art, science and technology in schools and communities.

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation works to enhance Agriculture, environmental protection, climate change mitigation and sustainable development. We are committed to promoting proper use of natural resources, best agriculture practices, forestation and preservation of the environment to reduce pollutants, deforestation and other actions that lead to environmental degradation and food insecurity. We educate people to avoid destroying and harming the eco system. We know a changing climate will hurt the poor most, undermining the livelihoods of millions of people struggling to break free from poverty and food insecurity.

Empowering Futures With Transformative Programs

We are passionate about empowering the future. Our dedicated programs for youth and women include mentorship initiatives, skill-building workshops, and support for entrepreneurship, unlocking the potential for success.

Transform Lives Through Generosity

Your Contribution Matters: Empowerment Starts with Your Donation.

Ddamulira & Sons Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2017 by Mr. Ddamulira Henry. Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people, eradicate poverty, and advance inclusive and sustainable development.

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