Today, we stress the need to instruct others on the benefit of washing hands with cleanser and water. As indicated by the United Nations, individuals in the Uganda still have next to zero consciousness of good cleanliness rehearses.

Hand washing assumes a huge job in Water Mission’s work of decreasing the quantity of waterborne and water-related medicinal cases. Working related to our protected water and sanitation arrangements are our cleanliness advancement activities.


Destructive germs can flourish, duplicate, and spread in circumstances where hand washing isn’t typical. Truth be told, gastrointestinal issues that come from microorganisms and infections are the main source of sickness and demise all inclusive, and it excessively influences little youngsters.

Nonetheless, ponders have demonstrated that the straightforward act of hand washing can counteract one of every three gastrointestinal disorders just as one of every five respiratory diseases, for example, the cold and influenza infections. Legitimate hand washing procedures can decrease cleanliness related passing by 35 percent and spare the lives of a large number of kids in creating nations consistently.

Cleanliness training goes far with regards to changing individuals’ propensities. The accessibility of cleanser is practically all inclusive, and most people approach multipurpose cleanser bars, or even cleanser to make sudsy water. In any case, numerous family units that do have cleanser or cleanser use it for clothing, dishwashing, or washing, and not hand washing. Basic, direct instructive sessions on the advantages of hand washing can change this, emphatically affecting people, families, and networks.


We utilize an assortment of approaches for safe water, sanitation, and cleanliness (WASH) advancement, including preparing nearby volunteers to become “WASH Promoters.” We train them to be diplomats for sound WASH practices in their neighborhoods, schools, and medical clinics.

We prepare these volunteers and their locale heads with training procedures so they can effectively instruct others on sound hand washing practices.

We train WASH Promoters on the utilization of represented cheat sheets effectively comprehended crosswise over societies, which they use to prompt others on appropriate lavatory use, sullied water, and how and when to wash hands with cleanser.

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