Some of our running costs are raised through donations from donor organisations, co-operate bodies, private individuals, partners and contributions from the members , but mainly we support ourselves by encouraging partners to give according to what they have.

over 80% of the  donations go towards the implementation of DASF programs and projects to transform lives  for the betterment of  communities.

No donation is too small. All income and expenditure is accounted for according to generally accepted accounting practices and our records and statements are subjected to strict external control and audit procedures (SECTION 159-162 OF THE NGO ACT).



DASF is inviting donor organization,co-operate bodies and individuals  to donate to transform communities  . We welcome volunteers and interns to visit and carry out activities as we reach out communities for empowerment and transformation.

Any donation no matter how small is appreciated.

DDAMULIRA & SONS FOUNDATION (DASF) will continuously move ahead to set up and run mainly through the above information.  May the lord most highly one guide, protect, empower and direct us in all the truth in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.AMEN.