“Transforming lives through sports in schools, slums and communities”

Sports Aid project is a non-profit making project designed by Ddamulira Henry a Ugandan Sports Scientist, Entrepreneur and a philanthropist under Sports For Development Program to enhance sports and give opportunity to all children and Youth in schools, slums and poor communities to access quality playing kits and sports facilities, obtain life skills, enjoy their right to play and develop their talents.

Sports aid project is one of the established project under Sports for Development program that promotes sports and uses sports and other related activities to support, empower and promote human rights, nutrition and health life style, mentor ship, life skills, education, ethical behaviors, fight against poverty, diseases and influence social, economic and cultural development of communities in Uganda alongside other related sports projects .We reach out to girls to promote gender equality and women empowerment through sports. We educate girls on their right to play any sport and also show them that they are equally capable of playing such sport. We encourage girls to participate in sports that have been traditionally played by boys.

We provide hope to underprivileged children and youth through sports activities; promote healthy life style and development of sports in schools and communities.

We make sports integral part of life of the underprivileged schools and communities and encourage all children to strive to be good at competing with others at an early age since every famous athlete gain interest in sports by simply kicking a ball around as a toddler. We are committed to use sports as tool to positively enhance community development, education, health, crime prevention and combating poverty since every child regardless of gender, race or physical capacity has the right to participate in sports, and enjoy many educational and health benefits of such participation fostering social interaction, team spirit, and having fan for stress free environment in schools and communities.


Active communities where every needy and vulnerable child is supported to develop his or her sports talent, enjoy the right to play and obtain quality sports coaching and education services and realize his or her potential.


To sponsor, support and empower needy and vulnerable children in slums, schools and poor communities access quality playing kits and sports facilities, enjoy their right to play, develop their sports talents and obtain quality education and health services.


Teamwork, Respect, safety, joy, integrity and discipline       


  • To strengthen children and young people’s sports talents and sponsor them to obtain quality education, sports services and equipment.
  • To enhance mobilization of sports resources and strengthen sports for development projects in schools and communities.
  • To enhance the right to play and strengthen health wellbeing of children and youth for leading healthier and more fulfilling lives.
  • To strengthen and support children and youth to build their sports skills, participate in international sports programs and initiatives.
  • To enhance sports tourism, human rights, education, development, health and poverty eradication initiatives through sports.
  • To strengthen sports research, publication, documentation and distribution of sports information and best practices in sports sector.
  • To strengthen girl child participation in sports and promote  gender equality and girl child empowerment  through sports.
  • To enhance school enrollment, academic performance, hope, joy, happiness, discipline and prevent crimes through sports initiatives.
  • Organize tournaments in slums, schools and communities to get needy and vulnerable children with sports talent and support them to develop their talents and sponsoring them to obtain quality education.
  • To strengthen involvement of interns, development partners, collaborators, volunteers and individuals in supporting and empowering vulnerable, needy children and youth through sports.
  • To strengthen sports and create more job opportunities in sports sector for youth.
  • Strengthen use of sports to help children and youth develop important life skills, get plenty of exercise and experience, discipline, sportsmanship as well as time and emotional management and team work.


The proposed project focuses on fundraising and mobilizing sports, health and education resources to support and empower underprivileged schools and communities to access quality sports services, playing kits, health and education services through sports aid project. We are working to raise funds and resources to enhance use of sports as a tool for development and transformation in slums, underprivileged schools and communities in Uganda.


The project is popular in the areas of using sports as a tool for development, empowerment and transformation. The program is also popular in the areas of providing quality sports mentoring, coaching and other related training activities, promoting sports, Physical education, nutrition for sports persons, the right to play, child sponsorship and provision of better sports services and equipment in schools and communities.


We offer volunteer opportunities all year round for students, professionals and all people who would like to gain experience in sports, life skills and other related areas. We work together with our volunteers to help them gain first-hand experience in sports and life skills in African communities.


  • United, educated, Healthy, developed, peaceful and crime free institutions and communities where sports is at the Center of education, health, human rights, peace, crime prevention, and development of children and youth.
  • All sponsors, donors and supporters are given opportunity to understand the situation of sports in schools, slums and poor communities in Uganda, get opportunity to see how their donations are transforming communities, be recognized for their donations, get donation receipt and appreciation certificates.
  • All needy and vulnerable children in schools, slums and communities access quality education, playing kits and sports services.
  • All schools sports clubs and community sports clubs in poor communities’ access quality sports services and sports kits.
  • All children know their rights to play and can claim for it.