Sports For Development, Health And Human Rights

Sports for Development, health and human rights Program Ddamulira & Sons Foundation works to advance sports, physical activities, health, development, human rights and physical education to give opportunity to all children and Youth in schools and communities to access quality sports coaching services, playing kits and sports facilities, obtain life skills, enjoy their right to play, develop their talents, become active and health citizens. We use sports and other related activities as a tool to support, empower and promote human rights, nutrition and health life style, mentorship, life skills, education, ethical behaviors, fight against poverty, diseases and influence social, economic and cultural development of schools and  communities. We reach out to girls to promote gender equality and women empowerment through sports. We promote gender equality in sports, educate girls on their right to play any sport and also show them that they are equally capable of playing such sport. We encourage girls to participate in sports that have traditionally been played by boys. We focus on enhancing peace,  health, human rights, job and wealth creation in sports sector, eliminating and reducing all issues that hinder children and youth from  participating, developing and exploiting their talents.

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