Sports for Development

Make a World a better place for everyone.



Teach for Uganda

This program promotes access to quality education for all the poor and disadvantaged young people, because at DASF we believe that whenever you teach/educate a child it`s the country to benefit from him/her.

Health & Nutrition

This program aims at preventing and reducing the burden of diseases (mainly HIV/AIDS) in our communities and promotes nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and access to safe water. The program focuses on eliminating and reducing

Sports for Development

The program aims at developing, empowering and supporting young people to exploit their talents .It focuses on eliminating and reducing all issues that hinder young people from developing and exploiting their talents

Social & Economic Empowerment

This program aims at improving the standards of living of people as well as strengthening, 


Advocating, Supporting & Empowering 

Girl & women Empowerment

Girls and women have been given entrepreneurship; business development skills and knowledge to enable them get income (fireless cooker activities).

Youth Skilling & Empowerment

Youth have been supported and empowered with motor vehicle mechanics and metal works skills which have helped them to earn a living hence becoming prosperous

Promoting and protecting human rights

This program aims at promoting and protecting human rights. It also focuses on eliminating and reducing issues that hinder people from enjoying their rights 

Happy Child

Disadvantaged children have been tested for HIV/AIDs, sensitized and supported to live healthy lives in Uganda

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